Release blockages, affirm your power, and step into your highest self with Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy puts you into a state of deep, deep relaxation, whereby your subconscious mind is more open to suggestion. This makes it a powerful tool to embed visions and beliefs to create the life of your dreams. You have all the potential in the world, however, sometimes your subconscious mind gets in the way with limitations beliefs and fears. 

In a hypnosis session, we can speak directly to your subconscious to suggest a new way of thinking that will align you with your goals, making it far easier and simpler to achieve them. 


Your subconscious mind absorbs 'data' from your experiences during childhood. These from our core beliefs and subsequently, our decision making. 

When you experience patterns in your life, it's often a sign that you have a subconscious belief or blockage that needs releasing. 

For instance, perhaps you continually attract toxic or negative people into your life. Or may you can never seems to stick to a workout schedule. Maybe you feel helpless when it comes to saving money.

These are all things that can be improved with hypnosis along with:

  • Money mindset

  • Love & relationships

  • Career

  • Empowerment & Confidence

  • Healthy habits


During a hypnosis session, I will guide you into a trace-like state. You will likely feel very relaxed and calm, but it's also important to know that although you will be in trance, making your mind more open to suggestion, you'll also be in complete control the entire time.

You will hear every word, and you have the power to reject anything that does not align with your purpose and peace. 

So don't worry, there's no 'woo-woo voodoo magic' going on here and you'll be in safe hands!


Directly after being in hypnosis, you can expect to feel awake and energised. It's common to feel motivated towards your goal too. 

In the days/ weeks after our session, it's likely that things will start to unfold for you. 

For instance, if your session's aim was to improve your money mindset, you may find yourself coming up with new ways of bring money in to your business, or new job opportunities may start coming your way. 

It's important to be open to all opportunities and experiences that come your way after a hypnosis session, as this will help to strengthen the suggestions and beliefs we worked on during the session. 

You will also receive a MP4 recording of the session for you to go back and listen to at night, and you may also want to book in another session if you feel you would like an extra helping hand. However, hypnosis is powerful and can achieve results in one session.

This is a completely free 30min call to uncover the problems you're facing and how hypnosis would help you. There is no obligation to sign up to anything after this call.

What they're saying...


My relationship with food has changed massively since working with Eliza. I used to be a big binge eater, but now I’ve found that I can enjoy whatever I want in moderation. I now know the importance of not cutting out food groups and can fully enjoy the foods I love!


I started working with Eliza when I had hit rock bottom, the lowest point in my life. She taught me how to build myself back up again and love myself again- for that I will forever be grateful. Eliza got me from being scared to walk into a gym alone, to asking for gym equipment for Christmas! She believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. Honestly, without her, I don't know where I'd be right now!


I would recommend Eliza to everyone, She is calm and kind yet tough and encouraging in a way that before you know it you are doing things you never thought you could.  

She has helped me so much in so many ways, mostly at a time when I really needed it. I think I would have quit my job and career I have done for 23 years if I hadn’t meet Eliza. That may sound far fetched but trust me it really isn’t. 

Eliza is an amazing person and coach!